Saturday, 4 February 2012

Debate: EBooks vs Real Books

There has been a discussion for some time about which is better; EBooks or Real Books. Hopefully during this debate you will see some points on which one would be better and what I think is the best.

          EBooks are easier to take on holiday and carry around; as they are light. However if you lose your EBooks it would cost a lot of money that you spent on nit and all of the books you have on it as though if you had only lost one paperback book it doesn’t cost as much as a £80 EBook.

Notably on the EBook you can carry more than one book at a time which means rather than taking lots of books you could just take one EBook which is all included in one, consequently you don’t get the feel of the paper, the sound of turning the pages and dog eared corners at the top on the EBook.

Significantly with the EBooks you do not waste water, wood or energy and it would save the environment never the less with real books you can recycle the books once you have used it and you also can lend it to other people and not be worried about them loosing an expensive gadget.

On the EBook you can download lots of books at once and can read them as many times as you want and it saves your place each time furthermore you need Wi-Fi to download books on to the gadget rather than real books you can just visit the library and borrow one also yo can’t go forward and back between the pages easily to look for things such as characters name in the EBooks.

In the case of wanting to read your EBook at night it has it’s own light installed as well as that it has its own dictionary installed inside this little clever gadget. However with real books you can meet the authors and get them signed and that makes the book special to you unlike in the EBooks you can’t get them signed.

        As a result of all this information I believe that EBooks are a better object to get as they are easier to carry around and you do not need to take as many books on holiday.